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Crisis psychologist, couples therapist, teacher and supervisor

Licensed psychologist with specialist degree in psychotherapy and master's degree in sexology

Cognitively and existentially advanced

Director of Psykologhuset Trekanten

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I adapt my approach to you/you

It is vulnerable and it takes courage to lay your life bare to a stranger. I have met people in very diverse life circumstances, from the mild but frustrating to the difficult and hopeless. Stress, anxiety and depression can sometimes dominate our lives so much that the quality of life disappears. Whatever the background of these conditions, I will do my best to relieve and strengthen you or you. For me, development is created in an atmosphere of security, where the humorous and lively have a natural place together with the serious.


I have a very broad professional experience from, among other things The armed forces, social psychiatry and the palliative field, which I draw on when I work as a therapist, teacher or supervisor. I always try to make supervision and teaching professionally relevant and present for the recipient.


I have taught and given presentations on a wide range of topics, including stress and crisis management, mindfulness meditation, prevention of secondary traumatisation, care fatigue and sexology, and I am happy to tailor something for your company.


You can possibly read more about my work experience on my linkedin profile:


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