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Psykolog Helle Dam

Associate Psychologist

Authorized Psychologist 

Crisis psychologist


Psychological treatment and counseling of adults and young people regarding private and work-related issues, including acute crises and stress treatment

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I work with:

Private issues

  • Treatment of i.a. stress, anxiety and depression

  • Psychological crisis help in connection with e.g. illness, divorce, death.

  • Personal development, life crises, etcregarding well-being


Work-related issues

  • Acute psychological crisis help in connection with violence, threats, accidents and deaths - individually and in groups

  • Treatment of work-related stress states such as stress, burnout, bullying and harassment, dismissal and restructuring

  • Advice in connection with sick leave, return to work after illness and job retention

  • Individual and group supervision of e.g. educational and health personnel, including psychologists


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