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Authorized Psychologist 

Therapy - Supervision - Manager coaching - Couples therapy - Stress management - Trauma therapy - Divorce counseling - Courses - Conflict management

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I work with:

In my treatment work, I use both cognitive and systemic-narrative methods depending on the problem. Through this, I have considerable experience in helping clients when experiences, thoughts and feelings make life difficult to handle.

Problems and difficulties in life can have many different causes - and just as many different effects on the individual. I therefore always start from the client's current life situation and experience. This is to ensure that the psychological conversation process supports the client as best as possible, so that relief, solutions and new options for action are anchored in the client's life.


I have more than 25 years of experience with:

Acute crisis treatment - Stress Treatment - Treatment of trauma and stress reactions - Couples therapy - Group therapy - Divorce counseling - Family counseling and Family therapy - Management - Manager coaching and development - Supervision 


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