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Get help in a difficult life situation


Are you in a difficult life situation and need psychological help? 


With us, you can quickly have an interview with a psychologist. We start with you and match you with the psychologist who specializes in your problem.


We strengthen managers and employees and thus the entire organization or company

We are available with crisis help, stress treatment and other psychological assistance for private and public companies - around the clock, all year round



 We have many years of experience with competence development through coaching, supervision and teaching of managers and professionals. 

We tailor courses based on your or your company's needs.



We offer teaching and courses in, among other things 


Crisis management


Stress prevention



Mindful self-compassion

Fast time with an experienced

licensed psychologist

Weempowers people 

We offer psychological counseling and treatment of work-related and private issues.


We are Denmark's largest and oldest psychology house, and we are centrally located in Copenhagen. Since the establishment in 1985, our focal point has been high professionalism and ethics. 

Our psychologists are highly specialized and professionally up-to-date. You can get started quickly with a course with an experienced psychologist who matches you and your problem. 

Meet the Psychologists

The psychologists at Psykologcentret Trekanten are all university-educated, licensed and have many years of experience in psychological work. We emphasize high ethics and evidence-based methods.


Get more information about the individual psychologist by clicking on the image below:


Psychologist Johanne Elming.jpg
Psychologist Lise Lildholt.jpg
Psychologist and partner Ulrik Schneider.jpg
Gitte Bak licensed psychologist.jpg
Mette Bendixen licensed psychologist.jpg
Psychologist and partner Per Henriksen.jpg
Cand. Psych. Auth. Christine Holme.jpg
Peter Hauch.jpg


Authorized psychologist Cora Vangkilde.jpg
Psychologist Katrine Spanner Neubauer.jpg
Licensed Psychologist Sasha Bay.jpg
Psychologist in the capital Rikke Ejlersen.j

Kay Wordfold

Licensed psychologist Tom Malling.jpg

We are centrally located in Copenhagen

The Triangle Psychologist Center is close to Rådhuspladsen, Hovedbanegården, the Glyptoteket and Christiansborg. There are many options for public transport.


There are parking options on Vester Voldgade or in the parking garages at Industriens Hus and BLOX.


The office of the Psykologcentret Triangle is open for inquiries by telephone

Monday to Friday at 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Telephone: 33 91 40 41


Consultations are also held outside the office's opening hours.


Psykologcentret Trekanten has an emergency response for companies, which is available around the clock, all year round.

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